UX and UI : The Apparent Difference

UX and UI : The Apparent Difference

The big bang of technology that has resulted into much aware audience, is a major cause for companies to put their foot forward with some of the best technology standards. Speaking of technology, long gone are the days where a product got it’s recognition because of good features in a perfectly developed system; ignoring the important role design played. Now, since the audience is much smarter and aware, the need for products to enhance experience is inevitable.

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The death of Confirm Password field?



Each time you spend time on social media there are high chances you come across a blog or a website or an app craving for your email to bombard you later with incessant mails. Most of these mailers you end up unsubscribing but some are actually important. Especially the ones that hold your account information. The ones which make you remember that one username you signed up with or the password you entered. It’s only human to forget them with almost hundreds of them around. Continue reading “The death of Confirm Password field?”