The universe is funny; it keeps throwing hints at you to take action on. With various hints in the form of events where humans are losing the basics, I got another one this morning. As I followed the usual protocol of scrolling the Facebook feed, I came across a video posted by the Model Society which talks about The Naked Humanity. I am sure this is the universe wanting me to speak about the basics, we, as humans, are losing.

Today’s media gets appalled by pictures of a woman menstruating or a mother feeding her child but not by the racism, war and poverty that are crying out loud in the face of humanity. In a collective hypnosis, we fail to appreciate the miraculous work of art that our bodies are; but we end up censoring it with pixels and debates. As a result, more shaming and objectifying of something which is nothing but as natural and beautiful a thing as blooming naked flowers and trees. It’s all one work of art but we discriminate. Shape; size and color. On International Women’s Day; here’s something hopeful to those women who work hard day and night to fit into the size zero.

Talking about the history of clothing; it came as a medium to keep warm when humans were exposed to Ice Age conditions. This soon became an identity for the human race migrating in various parts of the world. And eventually; a differentiator between classes; between the haves and have nots. Now, in the modern age this has become more of a necessity to hide the imperfections of the body and to escape the body shaming.

We’ve been hypnotized to a level where our insensitivity is bringing serious health issues to the young women trying to conform to the fashion standards with strict diets and starving, basically. The lifestyle that some of these women are engaged in—never sleeping, never eating, traveling endlessly, and constantly being judged and objectified—can be a catalyst for poor mental health.


“In the past decade, at least 20 models have committed suicide—some famous, some not—and there are likely many more lesser-known models whose attempts may have gone completely unreported. According to a 2012 study done by the Model Alliance, a nonprofit labor advocacy group where I work as a graphic designer, 68.3 percent of models admit to suffering from depression or anxiety. For several years of my life, I was one of those women.”

By Meredith Hattam, Starving for Fashion
February 5, 2014


Model Society is a social network dedicated to restore human beauty to its rightful place as a natural work of art, rather than a “thing” to shame or objectify. The following beautifully narrated video is a compilation of breathtaking photos showing human beings of all ages, shapes and sizes photographed by artists recognizing them for the masterpieces that they truly are.

Check out the video here!




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