Lights. Lights. And just more of them. As you take a stroll down that lane, you see people rushing to their homes after an exhausting day at work only to make sure they reach home in time. Just before the sparkling disarray of those shops shut down, all the embellishments need to be bought. Once done, they’re all sorted to head back home and get back to the family chores and then with a blink of an eye it’s a new day again and you keep running in the circle of spreading the happiness; at least, some do.

Diwali; is a festival of lights. Illuminations, fireworks, colours, chaos and an esoteric happiness. With all that happiness that this festival brings with it, for some it acquaints them with their solitude. In all the efforts of spreading happiness around, catching up with old folks, travelling back to your home from that new city, that rushing from the work to shop incessantly, making sure to help your family clean the house just to find out that old box of memories that you can’t put back, did you ever pause for a minute?

A minute to stop and look around; to see a life that you’ve made around yourself. The extra furniture in your house, or that book you’ve been trying to read but failed to do so because “work”; or those pictures of your friends over Facebook who are nothing but wall posts to you now.

Did you pause now? To understand the subtle pace of time; or to simply look over the year that just passed by; or to realise how you are getting old and yet a celebration follows every year? Did you pause and checked on that long lost friend you fought with? Did you realise that sometimes forgiveness is too easy and it becomes a matter of time and not the mind?

Well, my idea of asking you all these questions doesn’t lead to another philosophical idea of adding more happiness into your lives but just the one that you deserve. So now that you are rushing to conform to the society’s idea of a festivals and to spread happiness around, take a break, pause; and think where does your happiness lie and what are you doing to get it? Whatever it takes, this Diwali take a pledge to make yourself happy and go head on to accomplish it; because if you won’t do it for you, no one else will.

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali!


2 thoughts on “Finding your happiness this Diwali!

  1. Love the post Dhruv, agree with everything you are saying. It is so extremely easy to get caught up in the work grind most of the time we put off simple little life pleasures but we certainly shouldn’t life is meant to be lived and enjoyed, thanks for the reminder! 🙂 ❤


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m glad you liked it. I will be writing more often now so please follow me here and on twitter at @dhruvee ! Cheers!


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