The big bang of technology that has resulted into much aware audience, is a major cause for companies to put their foot forward with some of the best technology standards. Speaking of technology, long gone are the days where a product got it’s recognition because of good features in a perfectly developed system; ignoring the important role design played. Now, since the audience is much smarter and aware, the need for products to enhance experience is inevitable.

User Experience and User Interface are two commonplace terms  in product development that are very important for the success of a product or service. But very often they’re not seen correctly or people just fail to understand the apparent differences between them. 

 “UX is the intangible design of a strategy that brings us to a solution. User Interface on the other hand is the crossover between visual design (look and feel) and the interaction design (how the look and feel work)”  – HelloErik

While user interface may be a part of the experience but it is not the only thing required for a product to function effectively and ensure its success. Here are some important key points to remember;

  1. The abuse of UX and UI in Communication 

    There is a big misconception that arises from a lot of job portals is that they need UX/UI Designers which leads to an ambiguity and people often think that is the same thing. While UI may involve thorough design understanding such as color theory, aesthetics, etc, UX on the other hand may not require the person to be good with colours but to ensure the success of the product as a whole. 

  2. UI is a tool; UX is the knowledge


    In fact, UI can be considered as one of the important areas of a UX strategy. To implement that strategy, there is a need of a mechanism which is called user interface.

  3. Who’s who then? 


    Whenever there is a problem, humans are very well used to play the blame game. To avoid such situations, the roles should be clearly defined for both the areas. A single designer may or may not be able to handle both the areas and solve complex problems. There are chances that a designer may be very well with the user interface design as well as strategizing the immaculate user experience. So as much you want to define the roles clearly, the focus should be on defining the scope of a problem and not who to assign it. 

  4. It is just mind over matter 


    Honestly, in any design problem, the focus should be creating the best possible solution. UX and UI are mere terms that are coined with the advancements in technology but since long these two have been playing a very subtle but an important role in design trends. The book “Theory of Design” explains this very well.

“Design is really an act of communication, which means having a deep understanding of the person with whom the designer is communicating.” 

– Donald A. Norman, The Design of Everyday Things


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