5 music tracks to connect with inner peace!


When I am silent; I fall into the place where everything is music. – Rumi

Music; probably the only thing other than alcohol or grass which can give you an instant high. I’ve often come across posts about various types of music, heard many but only a few could make it to my list of instant high music. Music being a very personal experience for each one of us; here’s my selection of tracks that get me closer to peace. 

  1. Bahramji & Maneesh de Moor – Dreamcatcher

    An apposite to the word; dreamcatcher is the song to take away your blues and give you hope and happiness.

  2. Prem Joshua – Secret Place

    With very Indian music beats the song escalates you to a place beyond time with the vocals starting in the second half of the song. 

  3. İnsanlar – Kime Ne (Haydar Haydar)

    Love mountains? This one will take you to a place amidst mountains with a touch of folk music. 

  4.  Rakesh Chaurasia – Sandhyopasana

    If serenity is to be experienced in couple of minutes, it definitely has to be with this one. A beautiful track and amazing flute composition. 

  5. Endless River – Pink Floyd

    This has been an all time favourite for the “grass” folks; a classic that takes you to another world for sure.

    That’s all folks! Some of you may not even like any of these, but like i said; music is a personal experience. Hope this one adds some magic to yours. 


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